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Hi Everybody, and welcome to the 2022 Torbay Sea Angling Festival!

We are running the Festival this year from 2nd to 11th September. Since the end of the 2021 as a Committee we have been working hard with feedback on plans and ideas to improve the event for all Anglers this year.

With 21 new changes including new stock and brands/suppliers for improving prizes. The last 2 years, as you all know, have been difficult in regards to holding meetings but the Committee has always found a way to run a changed Festival.

Angling is a great hobby, and we hope for increased interest in the Festival this year.

All the best and tight lines,

Graham Dryer

Chairman TSAF

Here is a list of what is changing for Anglers entering in the Festival this year:-

  1. A Facebook page for the Torbay Festival is now operational again, so pay it a visit and join the page on Torbay Sea Angling Festival and talk to us with your feedback!

  2. The Festival Website has been improved, the layout and menu has been made easier to navigate, and more content and information has been added on what is on offer, how the Festival operates, check it out on

  3. We have developed an Anglers Data Base with all the anglers who have entered or weighed in since 2018/2019. This key to improving our contact and communication with the Anglers who enter the Festival every year in the future, so we’ll be asking for your permission to contact you going forwards. We will use this database to send you key information about the Torbay Festival.

  4. You can now enter the Festival at more Tackle Shops from Ashby’s at Kingsbridge, all the usuals in Torbay, Jackmans at Teignmouth, Hook Line and Tackle at Exmouth, Otter Angling at Ottery St Mary to Seaton Angling Centre. We now have 10 Tackle Shops and 4 Angling Clubs supporting Angler entries.

  5. We have also developed an electronic entry payments process online through the TSAF Website. You will be able to enter online and pay entry fees plus a small management fee for online payments.  Use a laptop or tablet or directly on your phone through the Website from this year, just use the link on the Home page! Enter before 7.30pm on the day before you fish. Please show your online entry ticket from your mobile phone or print your online entry ticket and show it to the Weigh-in Station if you enter a fish. You can still enter in Tackle Shops and Clubhouses in the usual way with a paper ticket as in previous years.

  6. The 2022 Prizes list has been reviewed and updated along with the Prize structure, and all 4 major prizes will be increased by approximately 10% to £550 and £275 in line with an increase in the Festival Entry Fee to £45 for the nine days or £7 per day for Seniors.

  7. The Day Prizes for the Wreck Section have been added back this year, and all the 27 Day Prizes on offer have been increased approximately 15% this year to £35 Tackle Vouchers, which must be spent by 31st December in Hookz or Brixham Bait & Tackle.

  8. We have developed new agreements with local Tackle suppliers, and the Festival can now offer a wider range of tackle for Prizes for 2022, with rods and reels  from Shimano, rods in the Shore Section from Anyfish Anywhere, reels from Normura and Akios now added as part of the Prizelist. Prizelist spending has been increased in 2022.

  9. The Start of the Festival day will be 7.30pm each day, and the weigh-in time will be shorter in 2022 from 7.00pm to 7.30pm at the majority weigh-in stations. We have two new Weigh-in Stations added this year at Seaton Angling Centre and Salcombe Fish Quay. We hope these will add a better weigh-in service to Anglers at each end of the Festival’s geographic area.(See Website and Brochure).

  10. Junior are now classed as under 18 at the conclusion of the Festival. Juniors entry fee is now £9 for the nine days, and £2 per day for Junior Prizes or £45 for nine days or £7 per day for Juniors who want to try to win all Prizes. Note Juniors can only win Tackle Vouchers in lieu of Cash Prizes. To encourage Juniors, all who enter will be awarded an “Torbay Festival Certificate” recognising their participation in the Festival.

  11. The Specimen Weights List has been reviewed for 2022 and a four changes have been made with two specimen weights being raised and two being lowered, (see Website and Brochure).

  12. The definition of a Visitor has been made easier to understand, with towns along the 30 mile radius line from Torbay being added.

  13. A Festival Conservation Policy has been developed and put into action for this year, (See Website for an explanation of the Policy) and to the minimum percentage for Seniors weighing- in will now be 75% of the Festival Specimen Weights List. This will potentially reduce the amount of fish being brought to the scales in 2022 by 20% over the number weighed in 2021 a more effective and direct conservation measure.

  14. We are have increased the number of Charter boats in our Team to 8 this year to cover Anglo Dawn at Kingsbridge, Bass Pro Charters At Seaton and Orca at Beer .

  15. The Eastern Festival Boundary at Pinhay Bay was unclear, so this has been moved to the Devon/Dorset Border with defined shore co-ordinates, plus the River Axe and River Otter are now included within the Festival’s fishing area. (See Rules) The limits of the West boundary at Bolt Head will be reviewed for the 2023 Festival

  16. The black and white Brochure used in 2021 will remain, and will be available at sign-on stations in a paper form. It will also be available to download direct to your mobile phone from our Website. Use the link on the Website!

  17. Our supporters and businesses who advertise with us will be able to use a Website based electronic advert rather than the previous paper brochure advert for wider, all year coverage at a reduced cost to advertising in the previous colour brochure.

  18. The Festival Constitution has been reviewed to make it simpler for any Anglers to participate and join on the organising Committee.

  19. We have cancelled our affiliation and yearly fee paid to the Angling Trust in 2022 because the benefit to the Anglers who fish the event and the Committee was not clear in relation to the status of the Torbay Sea Angling Festival.

  20. We are aiming to increase our promotion of the Festival by advertising more widely to local and national press and magazine outlets. 

  21.  New Weigh-in booklets are being designed for future years and we are improving the weigh-in forms layout, making them easier and quicker to complete at Weigh-in Stations.

We hope the new changes being made for 2022 will revitalise and improve the Torbay Festival for all the anglers who fish it, however the future of the event will depend on your supporting it, and we need more anglers to enter the event to allow us to offer an improving quality of prizes for all in the future.

A note for your Angling Diary -  The 2023 Torbay Festival dates are 1st to 10th September.

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